Rylee Holland is the author of one of the best-selling books ‘The Dragon in My Veins.’ The Dragon in My Veins is book one of a series she plans to write. The first book was so amusing and gratifying that she plans to keep it going. ‘The Dragon in My Veins’ is the first book of Rylee ever to be published. She says that her journey has been truly magical, and she hopes the magic of it all only continues as her readers take a dive into the world she has been writing about for so long. Rylee also hopes that this book becomes an escape from reality for all of her readers out there whose minds often wander to places far away.

Rylee has been writing books ever since she was a little girl. She would write and draw everything out on paper, and her mom would get it made into an actual book for her. She would read them over and over again, and for her, those are the memories she will forever cherish. Rylee believes that she got the love of writing and reading from her mother, who always encouraged her to take it seriously and write something she is truly proud of. Rylee is delighted to say that ‘The Dragon in My Veins’ is the book for her!



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